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Stanford Sites Jumpstart Web Provisioning

Jumpstart product page
Jumpstart is Stanford's primary service used to help the Stanford community build beautiful, mobile-responsive, accessible websites. With Stanford Sites Jumpstart, website owners can focus on what matters most – their content.

In 2012, my team determined that we would never meet the demand of Stanford website owners by building one website at a time; that's when we designed the first Jumpstart product, a Drupal-based web building tool designed just for Stanford. Focus was placed on creating a custom editor interface within Drupal, developing easy-to-use design templates, and drafting strong placeholder content with built in instructions to get people going faster.

Jumpstart is going strong and has become the model to copy within the higher education web community. Our Jumpstart product line has now grown to include many style options and 6 "flavors" of functionality designed for different groups on campus, like academic departments or labs.

From the start I was the product owner of Jumpstart, helping craft the product vision and subsequently managing a backlog of potential work. I was empowered to make the call on which items were low value and guide the team to a consensus on high value improvements. I have envisioned, designed or built many of Jumpstart's primary features.