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Stanford News

Screenshot of article on Stanford News website
Delivering top-notch Stanford news in a sustainable, fresh way using WordPress.

The Stanford News website had grown into a monolithic, custom-built application that only one person on campus knew how to edit. This project was an undertaking to migrate all the old content into a new WordPress install while improving the design and increasing the options available to content editors. One major goal was to build more support for long form style content.

I was brought it as a consultant to support the University Communications internal team with building Agile processes, refining goals and design, and getting clear about the stages and releases for their new website. I worked heavily with their designer to clarify and delineate each aspect of his design and then conducted frequent card sorts with the major stakeholders to ensure that we were delivering the most value as soon as possible. The first version of the website launched successfully and more iterations are on the way.