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Knight-Hennessy Scholars

Screenshot of Knight-Hennessy Scholars homepage
A new website to launch the new $800 million-endowed scholarship program at Stanford University.

Stanford's new Knight-Hennessy Scholarship needed a website to accompany an imminent press release. With only a few months lead time, I worked in secret to create a website that fully embraced the Stanford brand, while still asserting its own look and feel. From the start, the content was mostly unformed and coming in at the last minute, but we launched successfully and within minutes were featured in the New York Times and other major news sources.

My role in the project included the full site design, creating wireframes, Drupal site building, CSS development, selection of imagery and content strategy with final approval coming from President Hennessy as well as the Associate Vice President of Communications, the Senior Director for Strategic Communications, the Senior Director for Web Communications, and the Office of Development.